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The Canadian Crude Logistics Conference and Exhibition is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:


Forecast and Developments

Forecast crude oil volume with changing patterns and developments in Pipeline, Ocean, Rail and Road transportation.

Automation and Digitalization

Impact of Automation and Digital technologies in the field of crude oil transportation for improving safety and security while reducing the overall time taken for Crude Transportation Operations

Reducing Operational Cost

While the future balance between supply and demand of oil is unclear; crisis management, cost-efficient transportation and operating strategies are primary objectives for profitability standard


Optimizing configuration of import - export of crude oil transportation network along with required infrastructure

Risks and Hazards

Identification of risk and hazards scenarios involved in crude oil transportation, together with potential causes and outcomes. Risk assessment & analysis techniques to mitigate the identified risks

Covid-19 and Beyond

From the upstream to the downstream: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on transportation prices for petroleum products

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Presentations will be focused on latest petroleum technology and new findings, the current challenges in the market, and new market data for current and upcoming manufacturing initiatives are of particular focus for this conference, end user case studies are most welcome, along with other relevant topics of timely interest.

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